week 1


So I’m here.  A phone call two months ago set into motion a frantic period of packing, visa red tape, and hasty goodbyes.   There was hardly time to consider the reality of what my wife and I were undertaking.  Once we landed and the dust cleared, it was time to take stock of my position, and my future.

I came across Web Courses Bangkok while looking for some design classes.  I saw that an internship was being offered, and I decided to investigate.

My first week working as an intern was packed with new information, and the realization of just how much I still want and need to learn.  Luckily, everyone here is extremely helpful and patiently answers my long list of questions.  I began on Monday sourcing new design articles to link to our Twitter and Facebook feeds.  Monday also marked the beginning of my first class at Web Courses Bangkok, as I dove into Beginners Web Design.

On Tuesday, I worked on writing an article that my fellow intern, Matt, had already gotten started.  I spent most of the day comparing finished websites with their original WordPress themes.

Wednesday and Thursday I found myself assisting our expert graphic design intern, Mallika, in developing branding and icons for the soon-to-be launched new Web Courses Bangkok website.  It’s a great learning experience to observe the re-branding process first hand, and to offer input in whatever limited way that I can.

Friday, I again helped Mallika and was able to flounder around in Illustrator for a while, annoying her with questions all day long.

It’s the really the simple things- the details that hang me up.  I’m used to tackling problems with my hands.  If a brake lever feels spongy, I can bleed the brake line and check for leaks.  If something I’m building isn’t sturdy enough, I check the structure and the joints.  With computers, it’s step A,B,C and D.  Forget step B and step C won’t work.  You can’t bang it into place or muscle it through.

This became apparent again in my second web design class on Friday night.  Photoshop is an incredibly useful and versatile tool, but like any powerful tool, it will take time to use well.

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