Week 2


Week 1 of my internship went by really fast- I was learning so much every day. Week 2 turned out to be much the same. Monday morning began with me looking for new and interesting design articles for our Twitter feed. I’ve actually found browsing through so many articles a good way to get an overview of trends in web and graphic design.

After many permutations, Mallika and Carl have settled on a design for the new website’s icons. These new ones are streamlined and simplified, and should look great on the new site. Here are some discarded sketch ideas from last week that I forgot to post.




Mid morning I had a meeting with Carl to answer some of my basic Photoshop questions, particularly pertaining to preparing images for our articles on the Web Courses Website. I know that there are many seemingly simple things that I don’t know how to do, or how to do well in Photoshop, so more questions are inevitable.

Carl also gave me the task of designing updated course banners for the new Web Courses website. 

This last task ended up taking me several days to complete, going through many revisions, and at the end of the day on Friday, I’m sure that they are still not all perfect. The goal was to design sleek, and streamlined banners, featuring clear images to represent the respective course and simple text to outline the results and benefits of completing the classes. I really tried to keep things as simple as possible, finding just the right words and a suitable, evocative image for all twenty courses.  

To be honest, I had to research several of the course subjects to get a better idea of how to represent them. Towards the beginning of the job, figuring out how to do exactly what I wanted in Photoshop also took some time. After doing several banners I was definitely getting faster, but watching Carl and Mallika deftly type and click away to create something out of nothing is a constant reminder of how far I still have to go.

Along with this project I also wrote an article about good logo design- why a good logo matters, and things to keep in mind when designing a logo. I enjoy writing, and between working on this article, designing the banners, and dodging torrential rain, it was soon Friday.

ImageFriday brought the last class of the Web Design Beginner’s Course, and I proudly received the first of what I hope to be many certificate’s of completion. On Friday, I also received an ongoing task to continue on Monday.  Abhi asked me to find suitable images for several articles already written for the new webpage.  So, on to a new week, and hopefully no more rainy mornings. 

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