Week 3


This week went by rather quickly, as Wednesday was a holiday and I had the day off. Actually, most days go by pretty quickly as a I get so absorbed in the tasks at hand.

Monday I put the finishing touches on the Logo article and published it. I spent the rest of the day searching for suitable images for the articles published on the new Web Courses Bangkok Agency website. A few of the articles cover similar subjects, so I wanted to find unique and fitting images for each one.

Tuesday I spent most of the day proofreading, and arranging the wording and layout for the new articles, as well as adding the cropped and re-sized images. I ended up staying a little late, but I got them all finished.

After a relaxing day off I returned to work on Thursday morning ready to tackle the next task. Earlier in the week, Carl had mentioned that he had written an article/rant in the form of advice to running a successful business in Thailand, as well as some pitfalls to avoid. He asked me to proofread the article, and insert images before publishing it on the new agency website.

This completed, I gave Matt a quick hand by looking over some new WordPress themes for a great charity here in Bangkok that the agency supports.

camillionCamillion Home is a nurturing safe haven for orphans with mental and physical challenges, and seeks to provide them with education, shelter, and a caring environment. I think it’s awesome that Carl, Taya, and the Web Courses team have stepped up to support Camillion. Web Courses designed their previous website, but it’s time for an update and upgrade. I took a look at their current site, and made a short list of areas that could use improvement or more focus.

On Thursday I also started to write an article on a subject closer to my own interests and background. The working title is, “Why artists need web design.” As an artist and painter, I felt somewhat qualified to answer this question. I began by pointing to the pervasiveness of the internet, and the need to position your portfolio within it. I then found several examples of interesting, and functional artists’ websites to demonstrate the range of possibilities out there. I have found that I really enjoy writing articles-playing with words and images.

Friday I finished the artist article, and after a meeting with Carl, did another round of revisions to the course banners for the school’s new website. At the end of the day on Friday, I also sat down and did some serious thinking and sketching for possible murals on two of the school’s blank walls. This should be interesting, and we’ll see where it leads.

mural sketch

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