Week 4

bangkok rush hour

Week 4 already. I know that I’m learning a lot, but design is still a tall mountain to climb.

Monday began with good news. Carl asked me to format the “Why artists need web design” article I had been working on as html so that it could be submitted to other websites for posting. It took a few hours, but with Singh’s help I got it done, and the article was eventually published.

Later that day, I began a project with Matt that occupied most of my time for the rest of the week. Camillian Home, a great local charity that Web Courses supports is in need of an updated website. Using a WordPress, I began to stumble my way through the process of building this new site.

The  first order of business was to download the WordPress Kindness theme, and set it up as a local host. Then began the long (for me) task of wire framing using Flairbuilder. Looking at a website and judging it based on the quality of design is one thing, building a good website yourself, and organizing the content in a logical and effective way is another thing altogether.

working at webcourses

I eventually had to keep moving, and started to add Camillian’s content to the WordPress theme.  Some parts of this process went smoothly, while others really hung me up. Often, it was the details. How do you change the color of a Facebook widget in the footer? Eventual answer? (thanks Matt) Don’t use the Facebook widget. Use text with code from Facebook.

There were lots of issues like this, and a lot remains to be done. I’m sure that I’ve thoroughly annoyed everyone with questions this week. I just hope that I can remember everything. I also have to really study up and practice css.

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