Week 6

More time spent on WordPress this week. All of the content for the Camillian site was up and organized, but it needed some styling and design revision. Making some of these relatively small adjustments required some more research and pestering of my co-workers and interns.

On the up side, using css in WordPress is beginning to make more sense, also the usefulness of plugins. Unfortunately, I’m also realizing the importance of having well thought out wire frames to work from- something that I failed to do during the early stages of the project.

Carl also had the suggestion to try livening up the page headings with images. I think the results are pretty good, and I also got to experiment more with editing css. By the end of the day on Wednesday, I’d pretty much taken the site as far as I could on my own, now I’m just waiting for feedback from Camillian.

Thursday and Friday, along with refining Camillian, I assisted Abhi with several projects. One, making sure that a google survey was functioning properly. Two, adding an outline and table to a WordPress site he is working on. And three, doing wire frames for two pages for a new site. The most challenging was actually adding the outline and table to WordPress. The outline had specific spacing that had to be followed. I tried several options and found one that worked, however the results were not responsive. Abhi solved the problem by creating two div tags and assigning them specific class values in css. This made the task if not easy, then at least much less tedious.

This week I also began a course in e-commerce. I was surprised to find that it’s surprisingly easy to set up an e-commerce website using WordPress and to start making sales right away. For a while I’ve been coming across references to WooCommerce, but haven’t really looked into the details. Well, now I know. WooCommerce is great. The plugin contains all the features you need to set up an online store, very user friendly.

Next week will hopefully include the completion of the Camillian website and the beginning of new projects. I’ll also have a full class schedule as I’m going to begin the web design intermediate course, as well as finishing e-commerce.

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