Week 7

I ended up spending a lot of hours at Web Courses Bangkok this week. On top of my internship duties, I also had a full class schedule in the evenings. A busy week, but a productive one.

Camillian Home

camillian website

On Monday, I received a new list of revisions for the Camillian Home Website. Among the changes was a simplification of the font in their logo, and the addition of a Thai flag and an English flag to translate the website. For the latter, I searched for various plugins but I eventually had to enlist the help of Abhi. Using the Transposh plugin and a bit of code Abhi had saved from another project, the translation was soon in place and looking great (more on this later).

Another issue with the Camillian site that I had been putting off was the dozens of older posts that we had transferred from their old Joomla site into WordPress. Unfortunately, but to be expected, not all of the images transferred cleanly into the new format. This meant going back through all the posts and individually uploading the correct images. Not so hard in and of itself, but Camillian has around 70 posts. As I was working through them, I discovered that many of the older posts were for events that had come and gone, and therefore might not need updating. It was worth checking out with Faisal from Camillian Home before spending any more time on this segment of the project.

In the email from Faisal, he also asked if he and his team could come in to meet face to face and to iron out some details on Friday.

With this deadline in mind, I spent more time editing and revising Camillian’s new site to make sure that everything functioned. I also continually worked on improving the overall visual layout and design. On Thursday, I received another list of revisions from Faisal, all fairly minor, and set about completing them for the meeting on Friday. These revisions included changes to their contact page, and a new and separate page for item donations.

On Friday, Faisal came by with several members of the Camillian staff, and we sat down and looked through the new website. Right away, a problem arose. Apparently, the Thai translation by Transposh is not great. Thankfully, Abhi was sitting in for the beginning of the meeting, and provided a simple solution. Also, there are people at Camillian who are willing and able to correct all the language issues. During the meeting, I also received help from Singh in setting up there Mail Chimp newsletter sign up using there current account information.

As we went through the site and discussed various changes, a couple of main points materialized.

  • The main pages should be broken up into several sub-pages so that the information is not too overwhelming. This will also allow visitors to the site to find the topics they are looking for more easily.
  • A “Sponsor a Child” button should be created, and featured prominently on most pages.
  • Adding more testimonials and quotes to personalize and legitimize the website.

Along with these main changes, several other revisions were agreed upon as far as wording, colors, and additional content. Overall, I’m optimistic that the changes can be made and the website completed this upcoming week.

By the way, if you are not familiar with Camillian Home, they are an amazing charity here in Bangkok that cares for orphaned children in need of physical, and mental support. I think that what they do everyday as an organization is incredibly valuable and inspirational, and I am trying very hard not to let them down. I want to build a great website for them.

Also This Week

In addition to working on Camillian Home, I also finished an article that Matt had begun on websites for people interested in teaching in Thailand. The article can be viewed here. I also began an article on free websites to moniter your social media impact. I didn’t get too far on this one, and will have to work on it this upcoming week.

I also tried to assist on some tasks for other projects, including testing the functionality of a new website for Abhi, and trying to match a script font for Pete.


When five o-clock rolled around it was time to switch gears and start learning. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were spent on Intermediate Web Design; and Tuesday and Thursday were the final classes for E-Commerce.

This week in Intermediate Web Design, we learned how to install a theme in WordPress, as well as features to look for in a good theme. We also spent time learning about and practicing using short codes, widgets, and plugins. On Wednesday we built a website called “Simple Design”, and on Friday we built a sight called “Happy Design”.

Tuesday’s E-commerce class was conducted by a guest teacher, Eric, Web Courses resident photography instructor. The class was full of helpful information about product photography- the theories behind it, and the best techniques for great photos. We got to practice with a lightbox and experimented with different lighting. We also learned some basic photoshop tips for product photography.

On Friday we learned about SEO and how google ranking works today; focusing on content, social signals, back links, and topics and key phrases, as opposed to keywords.


at the end of the day on Thursday, this showed up!

macbook pro


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