Week 8


Another busy week at Web Courses

I spent the beginning of this week on what will hopefully be the final round of revisions on Camillian Home. These changes included a new color scheme for the logo, and further divisions of the main pages to make it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for. 

new camillian logo


I also helped Abhi and Singh with several projects. For Abhi, I spent some time looking for a good blog theme to match an existing website. This was actually pretty hard as I was trying to match the functionality, as well as the basic layout of the site which is pretty stark and minimalist. I eventually found a theme that is close, but not perfect- we’ll see how it goes. 

For Singh, I did some work on creating and gathering content for a new worksheet for one of our courses. The goal for students will be to create a functioning website for a fictional website. I assembled the content for menus, contact info, the about page, and several reviews and upcoming events. I also created a quick logo. The content will still need some organization, and probably some more images for a gallery.   

I also tracked down a font that Singh had to match for a new website the agency is working on. This took a bit of time because the font is a cursive script, and I only had three initials to go by, “WTB”. After some digging however, I eventually found the right one. 

Agency Projects

This week, I also got the chance to work on several agency projects. I tested two new websites for functionality and appearance before they are launched using several browsers and devices using the simulators on xcode. I also go to help Pete, Mallika, and Abhi on a new website for restaurant, hotel, and events listings here in Thailand. We’re using a cool plugin called mix it up, and I spent time at the end of the week filling in the content for various restaurant posts. Using mix it up to filter listings and searches should create a really unique website. We have a firm deadline, so everyone is pushing to keep on schedule. Here’s a look at mix it up.

All the animals:

mix it up


Dogs Only:




This week I also finished the Intermediate Web Designers Course. On Monday we got to build another new site on WordPress using the Surplus theme. After exploring some of the features together, we got time to work on our own projects. Just for practice, I built a quick website for an online portfolio.

On Wednesday, we took a look at e-commerce. Although I have just completed the e-commerce course, I still learned a lot of new things. For example, we practiced creating interesting post titles for our websites like, “Murals are easy- the first five steps” as opposed to “Mural painting”. This all towards better SEO, traffic, and google rankings.

On Friday, we had the whole class to work on our own websites with Carl, and even launch them if they were ready. Unfortunately a bit of a personal crises arose at home and I had to leave early. However I had intended, and still plan to, create a WordPress site for my former employer. His site is old, and minimally maintained. Even with the basic skills I have learned so far, I am confident that I could create a much better website.


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