Week 10

Another four day week due to a holiday on Tuesday. With all the work though, it didn’t really feel like a short week.

Thailand’s Best

thailands best

The deadline for taking this site live was Friday, and at the beginning of the week there was a long list of tasks to be completed. Monday I went through all the restaurant and hotel posts and did some revisions, including turning all of the business’s website urls into links.

I also formatted the restaurant information on the mix-it-up pages. Unfortunately, unknown to me at the time, I also altered the code in a way that broke the website. (sorry Abhi). Lastly, I got to work building the “what we do” page.

Returning to work on Wednesday after the holiday, we picked up where we left off with Thailand’s best. Thankfully, Abhi had returned from India, and he, Mallika, and I were able to make some real progress. After formatting the information on the hotel mix-it-up page (not breaking it this time) I continued to work on the remaining main pages, and give them some styling. I also spent some time inserting images into a new article for the agency website. This upcoming week, I’ll need to make time to revise the text.

what we do

Thursday was spent in much the same way as Wednesday- editing, revising and checking all the pages and functionality for Thailand’s Best. We also learned that the client didn’t want the urls for the restaurants and hotels to be links, so I went back through and removed them.

At the end of the day I spent some time on the Camillian Website, which is done except for completing the process of going live.

Friday morning I did a bit more work on Camillian, then Abhi showed me how to put a website live with Thailand’s best. The rest of the day was spent checking the new site on all the different browsers and devices looking for any issues with functionality or format. Singh gave us a hand checking everything, putting together a list of problems.

By the end of the day, most were resolved, and we can tackle the rest along with any other changes on Monday.

thailands best

Take a look at the website, I think it turned out really good. thailandsbest.com

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