Week 11

Hard to believe the end of December is almost here.

K Village

k village

This week, I joined Abhi and Mallika to work on a new website for a mall here in bangkok called K-Village. Similar to the Thailand’s best site, this new will also feature listings for all of the restaurants and stores within the mall.

On Monday, I spent the day building a sample portfolio page for a restaurant that could be used for all of the restaurant listings. Mallika had designed the layout, but it needed to be constructed in WordPress. I got the basics in place, and then Abhi helped me with the styling.

Everyday I learn something new and useful. For example, I didn’t know that there is a golden ratio to line spacing depending on font size and paragraph width. Details like this make all the difference for good design and legibility.

By the end of the day we had a layout that was pretty close to what we wanted.

The next morning, after some revisions with Pete, I began to create more restaurant listings. This activity kept me busy off and on all week. Due to the different information that each restaurant has provided, each new portfolio page required some shuffling around and individual styling.


In addition to working on K-Village, I also spent some time cleaning up the Camillian Home website, addressing some issues that arose when the site went live.

Finally, on Friday I sat with Abhi for some more instruction as we built a simple “coming soon” page for the website we will be doing for the Camillian Hospital.

Last night, we had the Web Courses holiday party. My wife and I had a great time. No debauchery, but a lot of great food and free flowing wine.

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