Week 12

So Everyone at Web Courses is back from there various holidays and ready to tackle the new year. My wife and I along with our friend Lottie had a great break in Krabi. It was nice to escape the rush of Bangkok for a long weekend. 


K Village

On the first day back, Monday, I dove right back into the K Village website. They have a lot of stores and restaurants that all need their own portfolio page. Adding the all this content was not too difficult, just time consuming. Thankfully, early in the week Singh had some time to help me enter content. 

I finally finished adding the businesses’ content on Wednesday afternoon, and spent the rest of the day completing some revisions to the Camillian Home website.

On Thursday, I began the day by creating an “About Us” and an “Event” page for K Village. Then I got to work on the grid of featured images on the category pages.

The theme we are using, Gridstack, is pretty good. When the grid is working, it looks great. The example on the demo looks amazing.


The problem is trying to get all the featured images to align into an orderly composition without any gaps, as well as being balanced in color and size. Three different sizing options are available for the images in the grid, and in our case, these are determined by the quality and shape of the individual businesses’ logo and/or images provided. After a lot of trial and error, and with help from Abhi and Mallika, we figured out some kind of system to control the grid. Not a perfect system though, as we found the only way to reorder the grid was to change the dates on the posts. Even with careful documentation of the dates I was changing, this was a laborious and frustrating task. Even knowing that the grid work chronologically, the way that the theme places the images is ridiculously complex. It’s not just right to left or up and down. I won’t get into it now because frankly I don’t think that I could fully explain it.

Suffice it to say, that when the grid worked out I wanted to high five someone.


This job kept me busy until 5 or so on Friday, and we’re not done yet. We still have to do the biggest category of all: Dining.



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