Week 13

A short week for me

On Monday, the school was closed due to the ominous and unpredictable “Bangkok Shutdown”. Rather then risking the commute, everyone hunkered down and worked from home. Luckily, my neighborhood remained fairly quiet; however those living near Asoke were surrounded by peaceful, yet huge crowds of protestors.

On Thursday, I flew with my wife to Chiang Mai; her to present at a conference, and me to explore more of Thailand.



So I spent my day in my apartment; first, going through a new worksheet for the Intermediate Web Design Course. Using the Chameleon WordPress theme, the goal is to create a website for a fictitious Italian Restaurant, building several pages for “about us”, “menu”, “recipes”, etc.

Except for a couple of minor issues, the worksheet is really good. Singh and Matt did a great job of putting together a very clear, informative, and comprehensive worksheet, talking you through building a basic website in WordPress from beginning to end.

I also received an email from Camillian Home with some questions about updating the upcoming events content on their new site. As opposed to writing out the (semi) confusing instructions, Carl suggested that I record a screencast.

This was a first for me, but after doing one, I can definitely appreciate their value in demonstrating tasks. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than an instructional video must be worth twice that.

Evidently it worked too, as Yvonne at Camillian Home was able to complete the necessary changes to their site.

Tuesday and Wednesday


We are going to be designing and building a new website for the Camillian Hospital here in Bangkok. So far, all we have to go on is a sketch for a site map. Before building wireframes, I studied some other hospital’s websites to try to understand the basic layout and requirements of a good site.

With a basic idea in mind, I set about laying out the wireframes using Flairbuilder. Ideally at this stage you should be building the pages and arranging the elements with actual content so that the alignment can be worked out. Lacking this information, I just had to estimate and look to the sites I’d researched for guidance.

I ended up building two sets of wireframes- not ideal, but I had a lot of options to consider as far as ways to organize the content. Hopefully, the client will approve the wireframes, send us some content, and soon we can start to flesh out the details.


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