Week 14

After spending some time in Chiang Mai and Laos, I returned to the WCB office recharged and ready to tackle some new projects.


On Monday, we began the morning with a team meeting, sorting out what everyone is working on and setting timelines for these projects. It’s a helpful practice that hopefully will continue. Not only is it good in scheduling my own workflow, but it’s also an opportunity to see what everyone else is working on, and a chance to see if I could help them with their projects, or if they could help me with mine.

After the meeting, I got to work building a new homepage for a client’s website. This task was pretty straightforward, but did require some time sorting out images in Photoshop, and some more time arranging them on the website using css. Overall, it was good practice.



I spent Tuesday working on updating the agency’s portfolio. The printed version especially is lacking many of the websites the agency has completed. The old portfolio is also missing responsive views of the websites on tablets and smartphones. Using Photoshop and an ios simulator on a program called Xcode, I got to work creating new portfolio pages with images, brief descriptions, and qr codes.


Also this week, a new intern started at WCB. Karina got to work right away working on articles, updating our courses online, and helping me with the portfolio project.


On Wednesday morning, I continued to work on the portfolio update. I also started to write a tutorial on how to place images on digital screens.

I spent most of the day however working on the slider for the Changeworks website. Trying to figure out the WordPress themes slider options ended up taking a bit of work. Adding images and text was not necessarily intuitive.


In the morning, I sat down and finished the tutorial. If you have a project that needs your image to appear on a devices’s screen, and  you aren’t sure how to achieve the desired effect, you can read the article here.


On Thursday, I also finished the sliders for the Changeworks homepage and went through a worksheet for Singh to be used in the Intermediate Web Design Course.

At the end of the day, I received an unexpected and baffling Chinese New Years
gift of oranges from a “lady” delivered by some Thai guy. I wasn’t quite sure of what to make of it. I said “thank you,” but just to avoid any confusion I let him know that I am married, and pointed to my wedding ring. We’ll see.


I began Friday by working on a new page on the school’s website for a course in UX- user experience design. It’s an important topic. We’ve all been to websites that are clumsy to use, confusing, and fairly useless when it comes to providing even the most basic information.
ux course

In the afternoon I got back into K-Village, this time working on an interactive store map- making the stores highlighted on the map when their name is selected from the store list. They have a lot of stores.

k village map

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