Week 16

The times they are a changing…


The weather has gotten noticeably hotter here in Bangkok this past week. A reminder that time really does pass in the never ending Summer of Thailand.

Things are changing at Web Courses Bangkok as well. Karina, the new intern has been settling into life at WCB. Her article on Google Experiments has received quite a few hits. As Karina is starting her internship, Matt is finishing his this upcoming week. I’ll be really sorry to see him go, as I’m sure everyone else will be too. From my very first day, he has dealt with my cluelessness and continual questions with patience and good advice.

Camillian Hospital


I spent a good deal of time this week working on the new website for Camillian Hospital. They provided some content, which I had to work into the wireframes that I had made several weeks ago. I did a lot of css work to get the layout looking good. Hopefully, Camillian will provide some images and more content soon so that the website can be completely fleshed out.

Love Hurts


This week I also wrote a special Photoshop tutorial for Valentines Day. It gives simple instructions on the basics of removing an unwanted person from your photos. There are several methods to get the job done, I just used one of the most straightforward as an example. I would like to go back however, and add in some alternate tools, techniques and examples.

Camillian Fun Run


The website that I helped Singh on for the Camillian charity fun run has gone live. Take a look, and consider registering or sponsoring. It’s all for a great cause, and sounds like it will be a really fun day.

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