Weeks 17 and 18

Short Week

I had a short, but busy week before heading to Cambodia. I spent the beginning of the week working on a new worksheet for the Web Design Beginners Course. Matt had already built most of it in Indesign, it just needed some revisions and extra content for clarification. I also organized it as an outline for easy reference.


In the middle of the week, we received some more content from Camillian Hospital, including information about their programs, doctors, and facilities. Some of this content was pretty different than what I had predicted, so it took some work to put everything together. I had to work fast too, as I was leaving Friday morning for a week in Cambodia.

After a long day on Thursday, I got all the content up.


Goodbye Matt

Wednesday was also Matt’s last day as an intern. I’ll miss his stories and Scottish humor but he’s onto bigger things now.

Lost Week


Had a great time in Cambodia, but got little work done due to sporadic power outages and lack of internet access.

Back to Work

I returned to Bangkok late Sunday night and jumped back into work on Monday. K village is almost ready to go live, but first they had a final round of changes. They basically wanted to take all their full width content, and put it in a container on the page. This turned out to be not as difficult as Abhi and I feared, and the website looks pretty good.


We also got several rounds of feedback and revision requests from Camillian Hospital. Some minor, and others requiring a bit more work. My first task next week is to finish these up so that the site can go live.

Here is the table of services I just added.camillian-table

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