Week 20

Club Villas

club villas

Things Finally started to come together with the Club Villas website after some initial hold ups. I also began to get used to using the theme’s visual editor, which has its definite advantages and disadvantages. In any case, I got some help from Malika and Abhi, and we figured out how to organize the content and got the design sorted out.

Awesome Undies

I also got enlisted to build a few simple pages for Awesome Undies, a company here in Bangkok that we are building an e-commerce site for. Abhi has been hard at work on some PHP to create custom fields for the ordering process.

speaking of PHP…

PHP Internal Training

This week, Carl took some time to teach two sessions on PHP. Like all programming languages, it’s perfectly logical- but there is a lot of syntax to remember, and the devil is always in the details.

I’ve put code into PHP and moved it around in WordPress, but really just as a means to an end. It’s nice to learn the basics and foundation.

Inspiration Friday

At WCB, we also held our first Inspiration Friday. Everyone had a couple of minutes to share some new things in the design/tech world with the rest of the team. It was a pretty awesome range.

App design, font builders, responsive design, graphic design as play, socially conscious design, and easy file sharing. It was really an eclectic mix of topics, and I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with next week.

New Web Courses Bangkok Website

wcb planning

An ongoing project that I think everyone is anxious to get moving on. Carl and I met several times to brainstorm and compare notes. After a lot of research, sketching, and input from the rest of the team, I think we’ve settled on a plan of attack.

We want to simplify the site by taking away all the extra bells and whistles. At the same time, we also want to preserve the main selling point of the school- its atmosphere and learning environment.

Malika and I sat down on Friday and began to sketch out the pages, and hopefully this week we will settle on the feel of the design, build some wireframes, and decide on a WordPress theme.

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