Week 21

New school website?

wcb banner

This week, I worked a bit on a lot of small projects, but my main focus was on the design for WCB’s new website.

We’re trying to properly plan, and put together a great looking site with good UX. One of the main difficulties is how to organize all of the information- and there’s a lot of information. We don’t just want to put it all up  in one maze of pages and links though.

I spent a lot of time early in the week looking at other sites for inspiration, thinking about what aspects of the site really matter. At this stage, a pen and paper is the best way to sketch out ideas. I went through a lot of paper, adding elements and taking others away. I spent a good deal of time on the homepage, and even more hours thinking about the footer.



Flairbuilder is a wireframing program that enables you to layout web page designs relatively quickly. I’ve used it a good deal by now, and am pretty familiar with all its features and quirks. Throughout the week, I got most of the main pages wireframed out and after several rounds of revisions with Carl, I think we’re headed in the right direction.

On our current site, there are a lot of pages. I’m trying to simplify things without losing any important information, or the character of the school. Next week, I’ll finish up the last few wireframes and start assembling content and mood board inspiration.

Internal Training

This week we also had two sessions with Carl on PHP. I feel like I can understand the functions now when I look at the code and see how it works with HTML. Writing PHP is still a bit of a challenge. There is a lot of syntax to remember, and while it is logical, there is just a lot of it.

Camillian Fun Run

camillian run

I’ve ended up working on several projects for the Camillian organization during my time at WCB. This Saturday they held a 5K charity run for the Camillian Children’s Home.

The event was really well put together, with food, music, and tee shirts! Although it was pretty hot, the run was early enough to avoid the main heat of the day.


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