Week 22

Time Flies

With the holidays in April, the month will be over before we know it. Hard to believe.

I worked on a wide variety of projects this week, planning the school’s new site, Indesign, and agency sites. I also got to receive a good deal of instruction.

Happy Restaurant

happy restaurant

One project that I’ve been meaning to finish is a revised worksheet for the Web Design Intermediate Course called “Happy Restaurant”. We’ve been through several revisions before, and have since decided to add wireframes, screenshots, and better descriptions of the steps within the worksheet. Singh, Ryan, and I are also trying to standardize the worksheets so that they are all laid out the same way.

Adobe Premier

adobe premier

We want to incorporate some videos into the school’s new website, so on Thursday evening Ryan, Matias, Singh and I got a crash course in Adobe Premier from Eric, the wcb’s photography expert. After learning about aspect ratios, video formats, file sizes, etc. we got down to business and learned the basics of video editing.

Adobe Premier is a powerful too, and it should be pretty fun to play around and put together some videos.

Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator

I’m excited to have started classes with Pete learning the ins and out of Illustrator. Up till now I’ve been stumbling along, well aware that there must be better ways and shortcuts to getting the work done. It will be great to get his expert knowledge. I’ve been looking forward to taking this course for a long time.



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